• Hologic Selenia 2D installation in Nevada

    UMAC Radiology has completed another seamless installation for our clients in Nevada. We upgraded their imaging facility with a Hologic Selenia 2D mammography system. The process included shipping of the Hologic Selenia 2D system, installation, and applications training from our expert trainer. Installation took less than a day. In the video, you can see a very happy mammography technician enjoying her new system.
  • Hologic Dimensions Drawers; What Are The Differences?

    There are always (3) different drawers located in a Hologic Dimensions Mammography system, but what are the differences between the three? In the video above, Michael takes a few minutes to describe the differences between an Inverter Drawer, Multiplier Drawer, and a Power Distribution Drawer (ASY-01612) located in a Hologic Dimensions System. The inverter drawers and multiplier drawers are categorized as either "new style" or "old style". Your Hologic Dimensions will either have an "old style" inverter/multiplier drawer combo, or a "new ...
  • Hologic Dimensions 3D Install at Imaging Center in Ohio

    Take a look at our install at an imaging center in Ohio. The client was looking for an upgrade to their current system. The Hologic Dimensions 3D mammography system was the perfect solution. This video features the Physicist giving his approval of the Hologic Dimensions 3D install.
  • Installed a Hologic Dimensions 3D System in a San Diego Clinic

    UMAC Radiology has recently finished a Hologic Dimensions 3D System installation in a tight spaced clinic in San Diego. This was a very unique install due to the small size of the room that we needed to operate in. Based on prior research of the site plans, our team made the install of the Hologic Dimensions 3D mammography system happen without any issues.